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You'll have a lot of fun creating your own masterpiece to show all your friends and family when you're at Fired Up. Stop by our fun and family-friendly studio where you can paint your "art" out on over 400 unique pottery pieces. We have a variety of pieces for all ages, starting at $20 and up.

Custom Pieces In 3 Simple Steps!

Enjoy our popular pottery designs and fun ideas:

  • Bubble wrap

  • Bubbles

  • Stickers

  • Marbeling

  • Etching

Visit us today at

27 Quincy Cir., Seaside, FL 32459 for to-go pottery specialty service.

Specializing in to-go pottery service

You can create your own art at home by taking advantage of our to-go pottery. Come in to our studio and pick out a pottery piece as well as your paints and supplies.


Over 400 Pottery Pieces Available

  • Polka dots

  • Hand/foot prints

  • Mosaic Chips

  • Speckled paints

  • Silk Screens

1) Choose the perfect piece that you would like to paint!


2) Plan your design! Visit our exclusive "Inspiration Station" for unique ideas and suggestions. In addition to the painted pieces all throughout the studio, we also have a vast selection of stamps, stencils and idea books to help you CREATE! Our staff is always available for suggestions and assistance!


3) Create your piece, leave it with us! Because we have so many out-of-town visitors, we do our best to ensure if you finish your piece 2:00 PM, we can generally have it ready by 2:00 PM the next day!